Words From Christian Zamora

I love to pamper the women ​who walk through​ the​ door​ of my studio​. I offer a smile​,​ a beverage of their choice, chocolate and other delicious treats. I have a positive attitude and a sincere desire to make each person happy​. ​Basically I want my clients to have the best of the best. ​While all of the little things that make one feel spoiled can go a long way, the most important part of the equation is the result of the experience. Using the best extensions and adhesive on the market ​is the only way to achieve fantastic results. ​​​I've been lashing for 8 years (I know a few people who've lashed longer) and I have tried many, many adhesives but I have literally fallen in love with Number 5 from Borboleta. I use it for both classic and volume​. ​ It's light weight, fast drying and most important​--​ it's lasts! I still reach for Maximum Adhesive for my super sensitive ladies and Ultimate ​remains ​a fav​e ​for those who don't want to change or try something new.

Thank you, Borboleta for taking the time and doing the research ​to create awesome adhesives!

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