On Storing Your Lash Adhesive

On Storing Your Lash Adhesive

Adhesives should be replaced at least every 4 weeks after opening the container. If your memory is anything like mine, make sure you date the adhesive when you open it - 4 weeks goes by much faster than you’d think). In order to get the most out of your adhesive during that time period there are some things you can and should do as lash artists.

ON CLEANLINESS:Keep the adhesive top clean throughout the application process using a disposable makeup sponge - this will prevent any clogging from occurring. DO NOT use natural fibers for this (such as q-tips); they will get stuck and will produce heat or even a fire.

ON TEMPERATURE: Store it at room temperature (68-72 degrees Fahrenheit). This helps with the consistency of the adhesive.

ON SUNLIGHT: Direct sunlight can raise the temperature which will change the composition of the adhesive. It can also change the chemical compounds in the adhesive and make it so they don’t work the way they should. (Fun fact: This is also true of perfumes! So store your perfumes far away from those sunny rays!)

ON HUMIDITY: Remember when you dropped your phone in the pool last year? Tragic, but the first thing you do is dry it off and put it in rice! The rice absorbs moisture, so it draws the moisture away from the phone and helps dry the phone. When the adhesive is exposed to water it solidifies (the reason for using a nano mister), but you don’t want the adhesive to be exposed to water while in the bottle. If you live in a really humid climate, it’s a good idea to store the adhesive in a tupperware container of rice. Change out the rice about once a month to keep it fresh.

Any tips we missed?


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