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The Borboleta Effect

The Borboleta Effect
Hi - I'm Kim Jaynes, founder and owner of Borboleta Beauty. This is my story - and the beginning of our beauty blog. I want this blog to be exactly that, a continuing story of us, Borboleta: where we've been, what we are up to now, and what we are planning for the future . . .

Along with that story, the Borboleta Beauty blog will be all about celebrating beauty - in all its forms and functions. It will include industry tips and tricks as well as special insights into beauty defining secrets from industry leading experts.

Last - but not least, I want you to find useful tools and helpful information here. Things that can drive your career forward and help you have even more success as a beauty professional. From toolkits to trainings, articles and e-books - I want to provide meaningful content that is engaging and easy to consume. In short - I want our beauty blog to be useful . . . to you.

So without further adieu - here is our first official blog post, and my story:

I started off in the beauty industry in 2004 at a local academy. I was a senior in high school ready to be done with the high school scene and eager to start a career. My parents were not happy with my decision to go to "hair school". They had plans of me going straight to college after graduating high school and ultimately wanted to see me studying law. Regretfully, they agreed to let me go through the cosmetology program I chose - but it was on condition that I pay for all of it.

At that point in my life I had never really had a "real job", but I was not going to let that stop me from doing what I really wanted to do. So I got a "real job" - actually I worked three jobs to fund my education. I enrolled in the academy and started school that fall. I graduated the following November and was able to pay for it all (don't worry - I had some shopping money too ;). Although this was just the beginning - what I learned would prove to be a driving influence for getting me where I'm at today. I learned that if you want something bad enough in life you can get it - it just depends on how hard you are willing to work for it.      

and so . . . I was on my way. A young energetic girl who was following her dreams - and life was beautiful. TO BE CONTINUED . . . 


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