What is Borboleta

Why they name Borboleta and what does it mean- these are the most frequently asked questions about the brand. Borboleta means Butterfly in Portuguese and I decided on the name because the language itself is beautiful but the butterfly is beauty. Beauty to me isn't something that can be captured it is living, breathing and wild. It is something a little different for each of us - yet so easy to recognize. Like a butterfly. Each one unique - but equally beautiful. I created this brand to help accuante beauty but more than that I created this brand to inspire those using it to become thought leaders in this industry. 

When I first started doing lashes about six years ago I learned very quickly that they are very tedious and you must be extremely patient as well as detail oriented. I was taught on a manniquin in a class with around 20 individuals and one teacher. It was a four hour course and lets just say the product was as frustraigting as the class. I left the class in tears only to find out when I arrived at work that next day I had client on my books for a full set! Needless to say that first full set was a disaster and I had many more poor clients after that who were disasters. My point in telling this story is I want all who are learning lashes or considering learning lashes have understanding that you will be frustrated and it will be hard. I want to be a supporter to all of you through your journey of obtaining this new skill. Weather you have been trained through Borboleta of not I want you to use this blog as insite to inspire you with your clients and refining your skill. Borboleta is much more than eyelash extensions it is all about coming together with this newer skill and helping each to give lashes a good name. It also is here to inspire anyone out there who has a dream and wants to make it their reality. I am a beliver that you create your life - every choice you make determains your future.


All my Love,


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