Make 2015 Your Year

Make 2015 Your Year
Happy New Year to all of you Borby lashers out there! What an amazing year this has been. Borboleta Beauty was founded in 2014, and in one short year we have grown tremendously all thanks to YOU!

Our proud 2014 moments...

• Kim and Erin joined forces to bring you the best trainings and products in the industry.

• In less than one year, we traveled and trained in over 30 different cities, and held over 100 classes total.

• We're completely remodeling our website, adding amazing new products to our catalog and creating a brand new training manual and curriculum. Keep your eyes peeled for a totally new look coming in mid-late January!

• We added new Borboleta Beauties to the team, and now we can have multiple trainings in different cities all at once!


Kim & Erin


Needing a little sun kissed pick me up to get you through these next winter months? We are loving our Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer! It gives a natural, bright glow to our faces and is available in 4 different shades. It’s oil-free, dermatologist- tested, and non-acnegenic meaning it won’t clog pores. HALLELUJAH! We love the silky finish it gives the skin, and the perfect natural glow for our winter whitey faces. Ditch the tanning beds and give it a try!


Do you know why we use nano misters? Cyanoacrylate (the main ingredient in all lash adhesives) needs hydrogen to actually harden and cure completely. If you aren’t using a nano mister to polymerize – which is basically turning your adhesive from liquid to solid – the glue is not quite cured completely to the inner circle. Clients are walking around with raw cyanoacrylate on their eyes. It is very irritating to some people, but to some it’s unnoticeable. When you brush the lashes, they feel dry right? It is only the outermost layer of that adhesive that's dry. It's like an egg with a hard outer shell and soft inside. The nano mister using teeny tiny water molecules to polymerize the adhesive completely, minimize irritation and reducing allergic reactions. If you don’t own a nano mister and use it on every client, go get one ASAP! You and your clients will notice a huge difference.

Mist 15-30 seconds, back and forth from eye to eye and about 6-10 inches away from the eyes. You just want the tail end of the mist to brush the eyelashes. You don’t want the water to built up! Use only distilled water in your mister, and empty out at the end of the day.


2015 is a new year with so many changes to come, even with your skin and lashes! Did you know lashes have a shedding period during which new baby lashes grow in and push out old lashes? This isn’t your regular lash cycle, but an actual shedding period that takes place in the winter (or seasonal allergy) time for you or your clients! A great way to help those lovely lashies stay on is by recommending a lash growth serum, such as Grande Lash, Revitilash, RenewaLash, or Latisse! You can get a better deal when you order large bulk quantities online, and then you can sell them to your clients. It's a win-win for everyone! Clients’ lashes grow in length and thickness, and the cycle regulates making their lashes stay on better, which in turn, makes your job easier and you get to pocket a little extra cash. Another great thing you can send your clients home with is lash coating. This is different than a lash growth serum, and is specifically designed for your clients’ lashes. Its purpose is to add vitamins and minerals to the natural lashes, keeping them healthy, but also helps to reinforce the life of the extension adhesion. Only use 1-2 times a week.


Salt Lake City - Jan 2
Las Vegas - Jan 15
Seattle - Jan 25
Portland - Jan 27

We have listed more training dates through March on our Instagram page and website If you’re interested in hosting a class in your area, please contact us at

Borby Press Tour - Feb 8-14

We will be meeting with top salons and spas in NYC, attending fashion shows at Mercedes Benz fashion week, and interviewing with exclusive beauty publications such as ALLURE magazine!


To become a featured lash artist, hashtag #bbfeaturedartist and email training@borboletabeauty. We will select one artist each month who we feel shows outstanding representation of our brand and promotes positive Borboleta Beauty vibes.

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