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Why Borboleta Training?

Why Borboleta Training?
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We promote quality over quantity.

Education is the main and most crucial ingredient to creating a perfect set of lash extensions. The difference between us and the other guys is we teach you the right way to do lashes, by being extremely thorough and by breaking down each step or piece of information – from eyelash history and common allergies, to adhesive chemistry and varying lash styles.

There's an art to applying lashes – it isn’t an easy task! But having access to the right resources and education can definitely help make the journey easier.

Most companies give you a one and done type of feel – their classes are very rushed, they have little information included in the course and most don’t have a manual. Quite simply, they have little information to back up facts. Rather than research and continue to educate yourself on your own after and only learning about the most basic techniques, use Borboleta Beauty. We’re as in-depth as they come. (No one else offers continued education!)

We offer lifetime value.

Borboleta is dedicated to giving you all the help you need, and we don't stop at educational courses. We want you to keep learning, growing and succeeding! Once you’ve taken one of our courses, you’ll get:

  • Continued education and resources
  • Instructional videos that spotlight new trends and tips
  • Contact information of other Borboleta trainees in your area and around the US
  • Exclusive emails and login access to our new training site
  • Free refresher courses that you can take at anytime to help perfect your craft

We have the best products.

Borboleta Beauty has exceptional products. We make it our duty to find the cleanest and safest adhesives on the market, the softest lashes in the industry, and the tools to help simplify the application process. The reason there are so many unnatural looking lashes out there is not only because of improper application, but because of the products being used. Lashes are not all the same. Which is the first mistake people make when purchasing products from random companies. There are 4 different types of eyelash extensions: real mink, faux mink, silk, and synthetic. Each have a different quality in texture, look and feel. Our favorite is faux mink. They contain unique synthetic yarn fibers to help resemble the closeness of the natural lashes. They're extremely soft. Other extensions can be thick, heavy, and stiff, which is not the way you want to go.

We want lashes that are movable and flexible, maintain a curl, and look and feel like natural lashes should. That’s why we went through great lengths to find the softest lashes in the market. And our top-notch lashes go hand in hand with our adhesives. Most adhesives contain harsh chemicals and ingredients to increase the longevity of retention. Borboleta decided to go with something on the cleaner side of things. We took the time to take our adhesives to a chemist who broke down ingredients and replaced harsher chemicals with softer, safer chemicals. Our adhesives dry with flexibility, whereas most dry hard as a rock, and contain alcohols and preservatives that begin to affect the natural lashes. Our adhesives are formulated to last long, feel natural and move like natural lashes should.

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