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Head Over Heels In Love

Head Over Heels In Love
It's the month of love, and we want your lash business to have loads of it! It's a busy time of year for the beauty industry, and now is the perfect time to market your services to:
  • Husbands and boyfriends - Talk about the best Valentine's gift ever!
  • Spring brides and bridal parties
  • High school students - It's time for senior pictures and dances galore

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Kim & Erin

Lash Tip

How annoying is it when you open a fresh bottle of glue and it starts to instantly seep out and drip everywhere all over the nozzle? You probably wipe it as clean as possible with a paper towel, leaving fibers everywhere and not doing anything to actually clean your glue nozzle off. First of all, we’ve learned that when your glue is mixed with anything hat contains cyanoacrylate (cotton, wool or leather), it creates an exothermic reaction. Meaning heat! Never ever use cotton swabs, paper towels or anything that will leave those lint fibers anywhere near your glue nozzle. Instead, use the method that we've found works best to keep your adhesive nozzle crystal clear, and clean from start to finish:

  • After every single use, wipe your glue nozzle with a makeup applicator sponge.
  • Do not wet this sponge as it will cause polymerization around nozzle and possibly inside bottle.
  • Use quick, swift, circular movements to clean off nozzle. Do not hold in place.
  • Always store adhesive sitting upright.
Words From Our Chemist || Megan Hatch

A few months ago I got sodium hydroxide in my eyes, which is a very strong base known for causing blindness. I had worked with sodium hydroxide dozens of times before, but it wasn’t until that moment that I thought about all the potential dangers of this chemical. Many times we repeatedly work with chemicals without really knowing how the chemical works or how to properly take care of it, making them potentially dangerous.

Education is key to success. As a lash artist you must know what chemicals are used and how to properly care for the chemicals. Clients will trust you with their lashes as you educate them. To begin, what is cyanoacrylate? This is probably a word you’ve heard before if you’ve been in the lash business for very long. The active ingredient in all lash adhesives is some form of cyanoacrylate. It is very effective and dries fast. What more could you want in a lash adhesive? It’s actually brilliant. An understanding of how cyanoacrylate works will help you make the most of your glue and take the best care of your clients. Check out more details on the blog.

Meet Megan.

Client Gift Idea

Write your clients a handwritten, personalized note expressing your appreciation for their business and relationship. Not every client gift has to be an actual item, and since this month is all about love and appreciation, nothing will be sweeter or more thoughtful than a personalized letter expressing how much you care for your clients. After all, we build relationships with our clients and they become our “best friends” whether they are 15 or age 75 years old. Throw a little note in your cellophane baggie with some cliché February heart candies, mascara wands, and you’re set to go!

Beauty Tip

Pucker up, gorgeous! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so we went on the hunt for the best Valentine-inspired lips. You're bound to fall in love with one of our top three favorite shades:

Matte Lips - MAC Relentlessly Red - You can never go wrong with red

Pink Lips - YSL Le Fuchsia - This one's a bit of a splurge, but this vibrant pink color lasts a long time and is guaranteed to turn heads

Sultry Lips - NYX Round lipstick Chic Red - If you're looking for affordable, this is your lipstick.

Trainings & Events


February 27th - Salt Lake City
March 8th - NYC
March 10th - Chicago
March 12th - Austin
March 14th - San Francisco
March 15th - San Diego

We'll be listing new training dates on our Instagram page and website. If you’re interested in hosting a class in your area, please contact us at

NYC trip February 8th-15th
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
30+ Magazine Interviews (On Improving the Lash Industry)
CoverGirl After Party
Meeting with Top Salons About Offering Lash Services

PSST! Did you know we've added classic and volume refresher courses to our training catalog? If you need to brush up on some of your lashing skills, this is just for you!

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