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The Skinny On The Newest Borby Adhesive

The Skinny On The Newest Borby Adhesive
Our new Ultimate Eyelash Extension Adhesive is the adhesive every lash artist and lash client has been waiting for! Formulated by Borboleta Beauty's chemist, this adhesive is sure to reach everyone's expectations. What makes this adhesive one of a kind is its incredible 1 to 2-second dry time and its untouchable retention. Although the dry time and retention is amazing, we still did not hold back in giving this adhesive the perfect amount of flexibility. No stiff lashies here, loves! The formula can be used by itself or can be added to your Volume Adhesive by mixing one drop Ultimate to one drop Volume. Amp up your Maximum Adhesive by doing the same if you need a little longer retention for those sensitive clients.
Don't you fret about this causing irritation or an allergic reaction, because if you know Borby then you know we specialize in giving you the cleanest products. We make sure all of our specially formulated, one-of-a-kind adhesives have no added harsh chemicals, and are latex and Formaldehyde free.
Give it a try, Borby Beauties. We promise you will be swooning over it as much as we are!

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  • this glue ea hippalargenoco ?? because I use all their products and wonderful to me paresen esepcion of
    few days ago two of my clients are caused allergic reaction and the truth is not to do.

    Maria Vasquez on
  • Ahhhhh so excited

    Alicia Bilyeu on

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