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Get Ultimate Flexibility With Borboleta's Ultimate Adhesive

Get Ultimate Flexibility With Borboleta's Ultimate Adhesive
What is so awesome about the new adhesive? Chemically speaking the formula is pretty different from the other adhesives. While all adhesives contain the same basic ingredients, each adhesive has varying amounts of each chemical, which can make a huge difference. Borboleta’s Ultimate Adhesive contains more poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA than other Borboleta adhesives. Big deal, right?
As you’ve probably heard, Borby’s Ultimate Adhesive is quickly becoming known for its flexibility. This is accredited to the chemical compound poly(methyl methacrylate). PMMA provides elasticity to the adhesive, otherwise your lashes would feel brick-like on your eyes. It’s vital that the adhesive doesn’t contain too much or too little PMMA as to achieve this natural lash feel as well as an effortless look. Borboleta has found the sweet spot with this new adhesive. By weight percent the Ultimate adhesive still contains a significant amount of cyanoacrylate making it strong and long lasting.
So why do we keep making the other adhesives if this one’s so great?
There is a fine balance with making each formula. Some adhesives work better with certain climates, whereas others work better on different clients depending on their allergies or sensitivities. It’s a good idea to have more than one adhesive on hand for different preferences. Some lash artists even like mixing the adhesives to find their personal favorite consistency. Whatever you decide to do, you are bound to end up loving the flexibility and strength of the new Borboleta Ultimate Adhesive. As always please comment with questions or feedback.

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