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What You Should Ask Your Aesthetician Before You Get Eyelash Extensions

Where did you get your eyelash extension certification and is the training program reputable?
A lot of lash artists have never received training. Please (for the safety of your lashes) make sure to get extensions done by someone who has their certification. If you’re a lash artist, make sure your instructor has an actual instructors license so you know you’re receiving proper education and using proper sanitation methods.

How long have you been practicing lash extensions? All lash artists are newbies at one point or another, and they need practice in order to become a better lash artist. However, if you artist is still in the newbie stage, they should not be charging full price and should be listed as a new lash artist.  If you are getting eyelash extensions for the first time,  definitely ask for an experienced lash artist.

Are you licensed?
Seems like a dumb question, but there are thousands and thousands of women practicing without a license.  Ask for proof.  It is that serious.

Can I see pictures of your work?
Always look for clean looking lashes.  If you can physically see the glue or adhesive in the pictures, they’re using too much.  If the lashes are twisted or going in every which direction, they aren’t placed properly. If the lashes look clumpy and stuck together in certain areas, they aren’t isolated properly.

What ingredients are listed in your adhesive?
If your lash artist can’t understand or doesn’t even know what ingredients are in the adhesive they are using near your eyes, I’d run fast.  Every educated lash artist should know which ingredients are in the adhesive they are using, and what they are used for.  Some glues can contain upwards of 50 plus chemicals, and only list one or two. For instance, methyl cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in the glue and is responsible for the stickiness in your adhesive, whereas poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) is responsible for the elasticity the glue provides. The more PMMA, the stretchier the glue dries - nobody wants cement-like glue on their eyes!

Where do you buy your products?
Apart from the adhesive, there are a lot of factors that determine if your products are good products, or if they are the best products.  Lashes should be soft, and flexible. Not stiff. Cleansers should be clean and fresh, not burn.

Is formaldehyde a listed ingredient in your adhesive?
The adhesive is one of the most important factors in your application.  We always hear about reactions and bad experiences because of the formaldehyde in the glue, however most reactions aren't because of the formaldehyde.  Although formaldehyde is not a listed ingredient in all adhesives, there may be trace amounts (which is different than an actual ingredient). Improper application would cause more of a reaction than certain ingredients in the adhesive. Don’t be scared, reactions are rare when proper application is done using high-quality products.  And sometimes its just a fluke thing! Why are some people allergic to grass and others aren’t?  Some people just have no tolerance for certain chemicals and some do.  This is why it’s important to education yourself before getting lash extensions and know the proper questions to ask!

What is the proper after care for extensions?
Your artist should be telling you to wash the lashes daily, maybe offer a good cleansing recipe to create at home or purchase.  You should be brushing the lashes daily, sleeping on your back, no oils near your lashes.  There should be a list of ways to help keep lashes clean and fresh to avoid bacteria and residues.  A lot of lash artists will tell clients NOT to wet or cleanse their lashes and this is false.

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