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How to Succeed In Your Business

In the lash and beauty industry you have two options: to have a boss or to be your own boss. As many girls work in salons under someone else's supervision, there are quite a few of you who have chosen to be your own boss. I chose this direction and have learned a lot.

First things first, you have to be confident in yourself and your business. If you are iffy about things, if you don't think you're good enough, or if you put yourself down, it will be a long and rough road. Be positive, stay on top of things, be passionate. The first step really is that simple!

Some things I have done to be successful are:

1. Post regularly on social media (take advantage of that!)

2. Set a schedule for yourself or your clients will end up making your schedule for you.

3. Keep your clients happy, and the referrals will fly in.

There are so many tips to be successful in this industry, but connecting with others will open your eyes to knew perspectives and help your business progress. Keep up on the newest and latest techniques and products, and you'll be golden.


"Lash extensions ruin your natural lashes!", say all the girls who got lashes from an unexperienced or untrained lash artist. True: With improper technique and education your lashes will get ruined, they will break, thin out, and you may have bald spots. Then again that statement is completely FALSE. With the proper technique and education, they should not damage your natural lashes.

A good majority of clients, and some lash artists, believe it or not, say not to wet your lashes. Ever. This is a FALSE statement. Your lashes need to be cleansed daily to remove any make up residue or oily build up. The cleaner your lashes are, they better the bond will be, which results in longer lasting lashes!

Can you believe that your lashes cycle?! Every persons lashes cycle differently. There may be some clients who have to come back at 2 weeks and you may have some that can go a whole 4 weeks with them looking bomb. This doesn't mean it's the lash technicians fault, some people just have a longer cycles than others.

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