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The Process

1. Consult

Before I start my appointments, I always consult with my client on what type of look they are wanting. Dramatic, natural, more curl, less curl, eye shape and what shape would look best for their eye shape. I go over the length and thickness and what would be the healthiest for their natural lashes, etc… Once we have established the right look we are ready to start the procedure.

2. Sanitize

I always sanitize my hands before I start any treatment.

3. Pre-Application

I then start to apply eye pads to the bottom lashes of each eye. Eye pads are used to secure the bottom lashes down so that I don’t glue top and bottom lashes together. Then I will apply primer to prep the natural lashes so they are clean and ready for lash extensions. After this is said and done, then I am ready to apply the synthetic lash extensions.

4. Application

I use two sets of tweezers, one in each hand, to apply the lashes. I use my tweezers in my left hand to separate the lashes, while I use my tweezers in my right hand to pick up the synthetic lash and apply it to the natural lash, one lash at a time. One synthetic lash to one natural lash. I continue to apply lashes until I have filled in all the natural lashes.

5. Post-Application

At this time I can remove the eye pads and mist the eyes with a nano mister to help the glue cure, and it also helps with any irritation. Once the process is complete my beautiful clients have gorgeous, beautiful eyelash extensions!

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  • Hi!
    Do you ever do an adhesive patch test with new clients or when you are using a different adhesive on a client?

    Thank you!

    Charlie R Pierson on
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