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When it comes to applying eyelash extensions, technique is only half the battle. Being able to artfully shape the eye is what will set you apart as an industry leader. Try these 3 eyelash application tips during your next appointment! The end result will be full, beautiful lashes and a very happy client. And really, what more could you ask for?!


1. Taping back the tips of the extensions that have already been placed allows you to see those 2nd and 3rd layer lashes that are harder to see and reach. Try taping back different sections as you go instead of just at the end of the appointment. Doing this not only makes isolating easier but ensures that you’re being extra thorough throughout the entire appointment. When using this method make sure the pad or tape you’re using isn’t too sticky. Also, be careful to only tape back the very tips of the extensions. Taping too far down the lash will pull too hard on the lashes and will force your clients eyes to open, which could result in irritations.  




Never, I repeat, NEVER, glue the entire extension to the entire natural lash. Natural lashes are wild and point in every which way, when you glue your extension entirely to the natural lash your extensions will then point in every which way. And whats worse is the extensions will then be stiff and lose all flexibility. Nobody wants that. To create a beautifully uniform set, adhere the extensions only 2mm from the base of the natural lash and redirect the tips where you want them. This allows you to style and shape the lashes how you want them. Make the extensions work for you! Not the other way around. 




While long, thick, beautiful lashes are what we all want and strive for in our sets, there is such a thing as too many lashes. Yes, it’s true! And it's especially true on those outside corners. If you overload the lash line of the outer corners they’ll appear heavy and they will sag, which in turn will make the eyes appear smaller because they're being bombarded by bushy, caterpillar looking lashes. No thanks. Always be more concerned about quality over quantity and make sure you’re shaping the lashes and not just putting an extension on just to put it on. Give each extension a purpose. Try putting curlier lashes, like D curl, on the outside corners to help lift the eye and make it appear bigger and brighter.


What are some of your favorite styling tricks? Let us know your ideas for how to put on eyelash extensions in the comments below!

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  • The first time I got my lashes done they were great! The second time I had terrible itching and ended up ruining my lashes from scratching them off because my tech went out of town. I was unaware that I could take them off myself with oil. It took me six months with Latisse to grow them back. I just had them done again three weeks ago and they were fabulous. After my three week fill they have been itching like crazy and red eyes for days! I’ve been washing them twice a day with baby shampoo, using an allergy eye drop and Benadryl to keep them tame. The left eye is much better but the right eye is still irritated. My tech is leaving town again tomorrow and communicated with me if I need her to come Thursday. I’m going to tough it out now that I know I can get them off myself.
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  • I found it interesting when you said that being able to shape the eyelash around the eye is going to set industry leaders apart. I never knew that there was such a science that goes into eyelash extensions! My wife is interested in doing eyelash extensions, so I will have to tell her she needs to study up on how to do them!

    Dennis Sanchez on

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