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Dealing With Retention Issues


Having retention issues? Stick to slipping lashes with these eyelash extension tips!

Getting your lashes to stick can sometimes be a bit of challenge, especially when you live or work in humid climate, which can really affect the adhesive. It’s a fickle thing, and I don't think ANYONE will ever fully understand how to make it work perfectly, every time. With any brand, any adhesive, and any lash artist sometimes it just works, and sometimes it just doesn't. Issues with lash retention can be frustrating to say the least, so here are a few eyelash tips and things to double check when you’re having retention issues:

Store it in a dark container.

Light, heat, and moisture all affect the adhesive in different ways. Keep it protected from these, and the product will stay true to how it was made!

Silica gel beads work as a great drying agent.

They are an awesome way to keep air out of your storage space!

Make sure your work environment stays between 68-71 degrees.

Not too hot and not too cold, this is the ideal temperature range for your space.

Keep it away from the light!

Chances are your jade stone or pallet is resting right under the light by your clients head, just because it’s convenient spot for it when you’re working. Make the little bit of effort to get it out of the light ;].

Humidity needs to be between 40-55%

Staying in this humidity range is just as important as staying in the 68-71 degree temperature range.

Jade stones are meant to keep your adhesive at a cool temperature throughout the lash application.

If you're cleaning off old adhesive on the stone with acetone, make sure to cleanse it afterwards with soap and water. You don’t want to leave any residue on the stone.

Adhesives have different chemicals that react in special ways.

Heat makes them separate, so shake the bottle every time before putting another drop out.You should be getting a new dot of glue every 25-30 minutes throughout your appointment. Don't use only a single drop for the entire 2 hours!

Find the right amount of adhesive to use, and stick to it!

Try using a little more than you normally do, but not too much, and see if this helps. And remember there’s a learning curve to all of this! I know how frustrating it can be, but don’t be afraid to experiment with how much you’re using, and eventually you will find the perfect amount!

Another huge issue with retention: Glue DRYING before you place it on the lash.

Sometimes the adhesive dries too quickly, and the majority of the adhesive has already bonded before you can place it on the natural lash. Make sure you isolate first, and then go to place the lash. Do not grab the extension first. First dip, and then isolate.

Final Thoughts and words of encouragement: You got this!

When using a new adhesive, there is always a bit of a learning curve! It will take some patience and practice to figure everything out, including figuring out how much adhesive to use, how to get used to the different consistencies, and how to find the ideal environment to work in. Give it a little time. If something isn’t working for you and your clients, try something different to find the best eyelash extension glue.

(There shouldn't be any major retention issues if all of these lash extension tips are done properly.)

If only one or two clients are having issues with retention, and the others are not, chances are it’s something in the client’s aftercare routine that’s causing the problem. They might be using oily products or picking/pulling the lashes - even when they say they are taking care of them perfectly. ;)

Most importantly,you also need to realize that different clients need different adhesives! Try using different formulas with different consistencies to find one that works perfectly for that specific client. Making all the whole experience customizable is just one of the many ways you can make your clients fall in love with you! ☺


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  • Mixing glues is ok? I’d be afraid. The glue is already so sensitive that I’d be afraid to mess with it !

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