4 Things to Say to Lash Clients Who Don't Wash Their Lashes

4 Things to Say to Lash Clients Who Don't Wash Their Lashes

We’ve all experienced clients that come to their lash extension fill appointment or full-set application appointment with dirty lashes or with makeup still present.

If you haven’t yet, you will.

The big question is how do you talk to your clients about the importance of washing their eyelash extensions so that they ACTUALLY DO IT. We’ve included some talking points for you when discussing with your clients their lash aftercare in-between their appointments with you!

Clean Lashes = Longer Lasting Lashes
Proven fact that cleaning your lash extensions helps improve your long-term retention. Wash your lashes using a lash-safe eyelash extension cleanser. Educate your clients on how to use a lash cleanser and cleansing brush so that they’re not irritating the extensions with q-tips, cotton balls or swabs, etc. which are harsher on the extensions and could make your clients wary of the cleansing their lashes.

PRO TIP: This is a perfect aftercare retail opportunity for you as a lash artist! If you don’t have a preferred cleanser, our Lash Bath Gel or Lash Bath Foam are both extremely popular. Offer products on their own or build your own aftercare kits! Shop here.

Whether your client gets lashes for a special trip or they see you every two weeks, clean lashes mean longer lasting lashes!

Eyelash Extensions Can Get Wet!
It’s a common myth that lash extensions cannot get wet. For whatever reason, lash clients think that if they get any water on their lashes that it will ruin the integrity of the adhesive bond. False.

Communicate to your clients that they can still shower as they normally do and a little water never hurt a lash. If for some reason, it does the lash was likely not applied properly by the lash technician.

If they have a specific question about getting makeup off, talk to them about a lash-safe Makeup Remover. Read more here.

Prevent Infections!
Part of the job of your natural lashes is to prevent bacteria from getting into your eyes. Once applied, lash extensions perform that same task. Only here’s the difference, if you’re not washing your lash extensions what happens to the bacteria your eyes pick up every day?

That’s right. Bacteria will start to build upon your extensions! Yes, it is gross, but you can do something about it! Borboleta’s Lash Bath (both gel and foam) was formulated to help you keep your lashes clean and keep bacteria from getting to your eye.

Stronger Adhesive Bond
Have you ever tried to stick a dirty sticker or piece of tape onto something? Does it work? Maybe for like a second. Apply any pressure to it and it pops right off!

Dirty lashes and adhesive works the same way. Adhesive can only do so much when the lashes are dirty or covered in makeup residue. Give the adhesive its best chance and a strong bond!

PRO TIP: If you’re finding that after communicating all four of these things to your clients and they keep coming to their appointments with dirty lash extensions and natural lashes. It might be time to break up. It’s not a very fun conversation to have but think about the people seeing those client’s lashes, it’s a reflection of your work (and not an accurate one).

Do you have a sure-fire way to keep those client lashes clean? Share with us below!

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