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Gossip on the Nano Mister

Gossip on the Nano Mister
I wrote about the nano mister in a previous blog post, but I only focused on how it can help minimize eye irritations. Since that post I have received many great questions about the nano mister, so I thought I would answer all of those questions in a second blog post.  If you have questions that aren’t answered in this blog post – refer back to my first post here.


Why Mist:

The nano mister made one of the most recent additions to the lash world.  It is a small device that sprays tiny water droplets into a fine mist.  It helps to quickly solidify every layer of the adhesive when used frequently.  It is best to use the nano mister throughout the entire appointment. This lessens the chance of lashes getting stuck together and the number of irritations, as the water helps cure the adhesive immediately when used correctly.  The nano mister is also refreshing for the clients and helps eliminate the burning sensation if the clients’ eyes aren’t closed all the way.  This is something that fans cannot do.

Best Practice:

For best results, you should use it frequently throughout the appointment, or as much as you would like, but it is important to make sure you are keeping the recommended distance from the lashes (about 6-10 inches away).  An overload of water can cause uneven polymerization (the process of drying) and leave the glue looking whitish.  In addition to holding the nano mister the correct distance away from the lashes, the nano mister should be used with even and constant movement back and forth between both eyes for up to 15 seconds.  More information about the nano mister and proper use is offered in all of our Borboleta training classes.

What Type of Water:

Who knew there were different types of water?  Although tap water can be used in the nano mister, we recommend you use distilled water bought from the store in order to keep the lashes clean and at a neutral pH.  The pH of tap water is usually slightly basic because of the minerals found in the water for taste.  Using distilled water will prevent mineral deposits on the side of the nano mister and calcium buildup.  It will also help keep your nano mister smelling good and fresh.

Best Care:

The nano mister should be emptied, rinsed, and dried frequently to keep it fresh and prevent any distasteful smells.  If you are using distilled water, this will also help. 

A fan isn’t necessary with the nano mister, because the water droplets help start the polymerization (drying) process.  If your client likes the feeling of a fan, you can continue to use it, but it is not necessary as far as the application process is concerned. 

Share your nano mister stories with me below!



*These recommendations are based on the nano misters that Borboleta Beauty distributes.

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