10 Ways To Keep Your Clients Coming Back

10 Ways To Keep Your Clients Coming Back

What is just as important as the retention you get out of your adhesive? Client retention! It’s a well known fact that returning customers spend more money on average than new clients, but it’s cheaper to market to returning customers. There’s also the added bonus when your existing clients recommending you to new potential clients. Once you’ve built a quality clientele, you need to keep them coming back! Here are 10 ways to help you achieve a loyal clientele:

1. Give them an experience 

Imagine there are two lash artists, both of which do a flawless set of eyelash extensions. Lash artist A is professional and quick and you always leave happy with your lashes. Lash artist B is professional and quick, but is also personable and friendly. Her space is relaxing and comfortable and there is always soft music playing in the background. Your service always begins on time and with aromatherapy or a scalp massage. She always remembers conversations you’ve had and shows genuine interest in your life. You always leave relaxed and in love with your lashes. Which lash artist are you likely to rebook with? The beauty industry is highly-competitive, so finding a way to set yourself apart is essential to growing your business. Wowing clients with a pampering experience is an awesome way to gain loyal clients.

2. Show clients your appreciation

Your clients could go anywhere to get their lashes done but they’re coming to you! It’s important to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. A simple way to do this is to make a personal connection with each client. Remember facts and ask questions, show them you care about them. While you don’t have to become best friends with your clients (although sometimes that happens) you do need to show them they are more than just a payday to you. This creates a sense of loyalty in your clients. Give them small gifts on holidays. Offer them free services on their birthdays. Host a client appreciation event. Even a random thank you card can go a long way.

3. Follow up and follow through

Always try and rebook your client on the spot. Suggest a good date and try and get it on the books immediately. If they aren’t willing to rebook on the spot remember to follow up. Send out a text or email asking them how their liking their lashes and remind them to rebook before your schedule fills up.

4. Start a rewards and loyalty program

This could be as simple as a punch card or a more complex point system. Offer points for rebooking on the spot, referring a new client or for every dollar spent on retail. Whatever you choose to do, the program should make them feel special and rewarded and like they’re getting a great deal. Reward clients who’ve met the program requirements with free or discounted services or retail! Remember to carefully monitor your program. Never put a program in place and not give your clients the ability to redeem the promotion you offered them.

5. Reconnect

Clients you see regularly for months and months may suddenly seem to have dropped off the face of the planet. It’s always a good idea to call customers you haven’t seen in awhile. Maybe they moved or maybe they just need an incentive to come back. We’ve all had the client that says they’re “going to take a break” from getting extensions. Don’t forget about these clients! Let them know how much you’ve missed them and offer them half off their next service.

6. Maintenance

Show your clients you care about how their extensions hold up by offering aftercare tips and tricks. Print off an aftercare sheet to give to new clients with the Do’s and the Don'ts of eyelash extensions. Nobody likes the feel of a “one and done” service. Follow up with clients to see how their retention has been. If the client is having retention issues, work with them on how to solve the issue. This is also a good way to upsell any aftercare products you have.

7. Keep excellent client records

Keeping record of the specific curl, lengths and diameter you used, as well as likes and dislikes, is a good way to show your client you care about their specific needs.Try keeping a notebook with clients names and their notes to reference before each appointment. Record anything from products used to questions to ask them next appointment. Maybe the client told you they’re interviewing for their dream job, make a note to ask them how the interview went. This will blow your clients away and create a feeling of loyalty.

8. Be friendly and professional

This one should be a no-brainer but sadly it’s not. Having back to back clients makes for a long day and it’s easy to let this simple rule slip through the cracks. Make sure you’re always speaking professionally by not complaining or gossiping. Provide a clean and sanitary space for your client. Show them sanitation is of utmost importance by consistently using gloves, masks if needed and clean tools.

9. Be easy to do business with

Make it easy for your clients to make or reschedule appointments. Whether is online or a calendar you keep make it simple for your clients to get on your book. Keep in mind there is such thing as being TOO BUSY. If you’re constantly booked solid clients will grow tired of never being able to get an appointment and they’ll find someone who has time for them. Try to avoid canceling on clients or moving their appointments last minute. While things come up and this will happen occasionally, try not to make a habit of it. When setting policies for your business keep in mind that things happen that will cause your clients to be late or have to cancel last minutes so try to be understanding.

10. Be the best

Provide your client with a flawless set of eyelash extensions every time. Don’t cut corners to save on time. If you need to give yourself more time for each appointment so that you can give 100% each and every time do so, you won’t regret it and your clients will appreciate it and continue to come back. Continue to learn, grow and improve! Learn new techniques and skills so that you’re always current in the industry by taking multiple training classes. You don’t ever want to be left behind in an industry that is constantly evolving. Do your part to be the best and your clients will be clients for life.

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