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Borby Happenings!

Borby Happenings!
This last month has been jammed packed with trainings as usual! Our trainers were spread out across the country teaching new and experienced lash artists all their tips and tricks. Here are some highlights!

Houston, TX

Our Houston class really embraced the Borby way of doing things! By getting rid of old lash habits and embracing the Borby way, these girls Volume girls not only improved 10 fold by the end of day 2 but also quickly caught on to the new technique. We also welcomed a brand new lash artist into the world who picked up the Classic technique quicker than anyone Borby educator Tessa had ever seen!

Seattle, WA

Borby educator Maggie loved this small, intimate Seattle class as it allows for more one on one time with the students. These girls picked up on the technique so quickly and were feeling confident by the end of day 2!

Los Angeles, CA

This was our biggest class in Borby history! Educator Miranda loved all the energy. Having bigger classes brings out different thoughts, ideas and opinions which makes for a dynamic learning experience for everyone. Not only were the students amazing but we introduced two new, fabulous assistants, Blayr and Sam!

Designs School of Cosmetology, San Francisco

We LOVE visiting and training at Cosmetology and Aesthetic schools across the country. Borby educator Braelynn was so beyond impressed by the students of the Designs School of Cosmetology. These talented students worked so hard and are ready to take the lashing world by storm!


Aveda Institute, Provo UT

Borby Educator Kelly, who is also an Aveda Instructor, loves bringing her passion for lashes into the classroom. Borboleta gives private training classes at the Aveda Institute for students who want to get certified. These students will not only graduate with a cosmetology license but as a certified lash artist as well!

We’re looking forward to a crazy, busy October! We’re sending our trainers out to 8 different cities across the country and for the first time internationally! Watch out Canada, Borby is coming for ya!

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