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Christian Zamora || Borboleta's Master of Artisty

Christian Zamora || Borboleta's Master of Artisty

Joining the Borboleta team as Master of Artisty is incredibly exciting for me on so many levels!

The lash industry is evolving. Anybody can do lashes, but to be successful one needs to be an artist. That's what sets you apart; your creative eye or ability.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to share my experience, my success and my approach to lashes. For instance, I always ask my clients about their lifestyle, if they wear makeup, what kind they wear, etc because I want to craft a look that will fit their lifestyle. Some women want "glam" lashes, some not so glam. It varies. As an artist you help decide who wears what look best because you want to be sure you create a look that has longevity. You want your client to love her lashes even as they grow out. If she does, that means you've created a look that fits her lifestyle and she'll be a return client. (Yes, we're artists, but we're also business people!)
For someone who has done lashes for awhile, it's also exciting to have new products to use that give me the freedom to be more creative. Borboleta's finer lashes and light adhesive allow me to provide a wider variety of options to my clients, moving them from one look to another with ease. With these products, lashes truly can be the best accessory.
And finally, but certainly not least on the list of things I'm looking forward to, is meeting new lash artists! It's thrilling to see so much passion in an industry that I love so much.

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