The More Adhesives the Merrier, Making for a Very Merry Christmas at Borboleta

Psst… We just released a new adhesive: Borboleta’s Number 5.  Our previous adhesives have all been amazing and each has served a different purpose.  The Ultimate adhesive made its mark in the lash industry for its fantastic flexibility.  Maximum has helped those with eye sensitivities and Volume has been the ideal adhesive for volume lashing.

Borboleta’s Number 5 adhesive has taken the lash game to a new level.  It’s our strongest adhesive; you’ll notice the difference in its retention.  All lash adhesives contain some form of cyanoacrylate, but each adhesive is engineered through slight changes to the composition to maximize certain features. We altered the ratios of cyanoacrylate in this adhesive for a strong hold, working particularly well in humid climates.  

In fact, an entire salon located in upstate New York tested the adhesive and raved about how well it worked in their very humid climate.  They live by Niagara Falls - amazing!

Another reason to love Number 5 is that it has the potential to stand alone. There is no need for adhesive combinations because of its great consistency.  

It’s now on pre sale, so head over to our catalogue to reserve yours right now!  As always, leave your comments and questions below.



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