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You are Enough!

You are Enough!

We've all done it. We see all that someone has and has accomplished and we compare it to what we have, and what we've accomplished. Suddenly we are not pretty enough, skinny enough. We are not successful or talented enough. We don't make enough money or drive a nice enough car. The truth is, comparing ourselves to others makes it nearly impossible to see and appreciate all of our skills, talents and accomplishments. Its a slippery slope we've all seen ourselves on and it truly robs us of joy and the ability to appreciate the here and now.

Lets remember that there is no fair comparison, and that nothing productive comes from comparing someone's "best" to our worst. Comparing your life to someone else's not only makes it nearly impossible to be truly happy with your own life, but it also makes it extremely difficult to be happy for anyone else! 

The difference between constantly comparing ourselves to others and being happy with who we are and all that we have is; gratitude! Lets focus on being grateful for what we have, and for who we are. Take time out of everyday to appreciate your life, whatever stage its in. While we may not be exactly where we want to end up, find joy in your journey. True happiness is found on the way, not at the end of the road. We all have different talents and strengths and what you bring to the world is uniquely special. You are enough!

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