Creating a Natural Set

Creating a Natural Set

If there is one shape you should master as a lash artist, it's a natural shape. Mastering the shape of natural lash extensions gives you a good foundation to build on and create more bold looks for those clients looking to make a dramatic change. 

The natural shape follows the pattern of our natural lashes. Starting with a shorter length on the inside corners and gradually getting longer as you come to the brow bone, and then tapering back down as you get to those outside corners. 

As you're practicing mastering the shape of natural looking eyelash extensions, try drawing the shape and lengths on your eye pads so you know which length goes where. 

You can create a more dramatic natural look by increasing your lengths throughout your set, but following the same pattern with shorter lengths on the inside corners, gradually getting longer up to the brow bone and then tapering back down to the outside corners.

What's your favorite shape to create? Let us know in the comments below!


*Lashes by Borboleta educators, Kelly Clark, Jenny Chanthaseng and Sam Villalobos

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