Recent inspiration from my wonderful life!

Recent inspiration from my wonderful life!


Someone recently asked me, "What inspires you." I had to really think about this very simple question. What does inspire me? I live in New York City (the greatest city on the planet) so inspiration is all around me.  It's in the architecture, in different cultures reflected in faces, food and fashion, it’s in the abundance of luxury items, high fashion, hair, makeup--its everywhere!  I just have to open my eyes and take in all in; all the beauty. That's the answer to the question: I’m inspired by BEAUTY. Specifically the beauty that makes us each unique individuals; blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes accented by brown hair, blond hair or even pink hair. I always thought I had to find a woman’s best feature and help her enhance that one feature to be her most beautiful, but I've changed my mind a bit. A woman should embrace all of her features; fully and purely enhancing them in any way that makes her feel beautiful, confident and simply her best self.

Why? Because confidence is the foundation of beauty. I see it in the Upper East Side woman who has impeccable taste and effortless elegance as well as in the millennial with piercings, tattoos and a shaven head. Each woman needs to find a way to express herself to society and in that expression, where vulnerability lies, each decides what makes her feel beautiful inside and out. Once she makes that decision and shares it with the world, I'm inspired.

As artists we have allow ourselves to be inspired! Be open to it. Even go looking for it! (Trust me, even if you don't live in NYC you don't have to look far.) Try it. I can't wait to hear what you find as well as hear how your inspiration affects your work.


xoxo Christian Zamora

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