8 Tips for a Fan-tastic Lash Studio Event

8 Tips for a Fan-tastic Lash Studio Event

This latest article is brought to you by Borboleta's event maven, Summer! It's likely you've met her at a Borboleta event or one of the many trade shows we've attended. With 10+ years of experience planning events, she's put together the eight tips for planning and hosting the perfect lash event at your studio or salon!

By: Summer Estes, Events Manager at Borboleta Beauty

Studio events are incredible opportunities to build relationships with your clients and loyalty for your brand. Below are a few pro-tips for planning and executing your next lash event.

1. Identify Your Why
Starting your lash event planning by identifying the purpose of your event will help guide you through the process. By being clear with what you want to accomplish, you will be able to better make decisions based on reason rather than emotion or want.

Some examples include: client appreciation, welcoming a new team member bringing additional or new services to your studio, attracting new clients, studio awareness, etc.

2. Budget Realistically
Be honest with yourself about what the budget is for your event! This is very important to help you keep your expectations in line and allows you to focus on the elements that will matter most.

3. Be Proactive
Hosting can be stressful enough without adding last minute stressors by procrastinating. Do everything you can to have all details wrapped up 24 to 48 hours before your event. Little details (stuffing gift bags, picking up catering, cleaning your space, etc.) seem small until you only have hours to do it all. 

Pro Tip: Keep track of all your tasks and their due dates to hold yourself accountable to getting stuff done! 

4. Over Communicate
Don’t assume what your guests know. Small details like parking may seem insignificant to you, but to your guest it might be a major stressor. Rather than dealing with last minute communications or frustrations from your lash event attendees, communicate down to the smallest details. Email and Facebook events are a great way to communicate the little things.

    • 5. Don’t Forget the Senses
      Take advantage of every opportunity to create a powerful memory for your guests by utilizing all of the senses. The sense of smell is often overlooked in events but can lead to incredible returns. Look into a scent machine or other options for branding your lash event with a scent.

    • 6. Record
      Keep track of all of event details including receipts, invites, attendees, vendors, staff, and anything else you may want to reference in the future. It’s better to over document than be out the information you need for your next beauty studio event.

    • 7. Enjoy!
      When the lash studio event finally arrives, be sure to enjoy it! Keep a positive attitude as the inevitable last-minute changes roll in and enjoy the experience in its entirety!

8. Consider a Thank You
After your event is over, consider sending a handwritten thank you note either to your guests who attended, a staff member who was particularly helpful or a vendor who knocked it out of the park! It’s important to show gratitude to those who helped make your event a total success!

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