After the After Party...

After the After Party...

We all know after a night out (and every night, let’s be honest!) taking off your makeup is SO important. Lashes are the best since you don’t have to worry about taking off sticky lash strips or rubbing off mascara (nonetheless waterproof mascara…) however you do need to make sure we are keeping our lashes healthy and happy for maximum retention.

Lash Clients:

Here’s the perfect “night cap” to your nightly routine: remove any eye makeup with our oil-free makeup remover then use our Lash Bath (foam or gel, depends on preference) to remove any extra makeup and oils to get those lashes clean. Pat dry then brush out and voila! Gorgeous fresh lashes.

This may seem like an extensive routine but it’s so important! Without cleaning your lashes, your lash retention time will shorten so you’ll be calling in to get a fill sooner than usual, you run the risk of getting blepharitis which is an eye infection that causes your eyes to get greasy and crusted amongst other issues.

Lash Artists:

It is so important to educate your clients on their aftercare. It not only makes their lash lives better but your job easier. There’s nothing worse than a client coming in with dirty lashes that haven’t been taken care of. Send them home with an aftercare card so your clients know how to keep their extensions looking flawless. 

Aftercare products are a fantastic option for retail at your salon or spa! Make sure you’re stocked up on our makeup remover, cleansers, and brushes for them to purchase. Make it easy for your clients to keep their lashes clean so your job is easier in the long run.

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