Breaking Down the Numbers

Breaking Down the Numbers

 Did you know the eyelash extension market is the most profitable and fastest growing in both the cosmetology and esthetics industry? Experienced lash techs are making an estimated $75k - $100k+ a year, and that's just doing lashes alone. So, what is holding licensed professionals back from being trained? Money.

Just like in all fields, for a quality education, you're going to have to invest a good sum of money. And while investing a good amount of money on a new skill may seem daunting and overwhelming consider this;

You'll make your money back FAST

You can do as little as 3 clients a day, for 3 hours a day and make as much as a full time employee. Let’s break it down...keep in mind these are low-ball estimates, they don't include the price of full sets, as well as experienced lash artists who offer volume charge more per fill, and we're not including tips!

3 fill appointments X $65 = $195 per day

$195 X 5 days a week = $975

$975 X 4 weeks = $3900

Full time lash artists who do up to 8 appointments a day, charge more per client, and receive do the math!

How much is your time worth?

A lash artist will pay roughly $1,400 for a quality, two-day training class. After she's certified she can begin working immediately and likely have made her money back from that initial investment in a matter of months.

It's about so much more than making great money.

All experienced lash artists will agree that the look on a clients face after getting lashes for the first time is priceless! Being in an industry that makes women feel beautiful and confident is truly an amazing experience. Hard working lash artists will make great money but they'll also help women feel good about themselves and that's a really great combo.

Before making any investment, it’s important to do your research, and the same rule applies to choosing a training program. Look into all your options and then decide what will be worth your time and money.

Does the program get good reviews?
Will you receive ongoing support and education?
Are the educators skilled and knowledgeable?
Is the product something you'll continue to use?

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask lash artists about their training experience! Here at Borboleta, we offer a few options for those who are interested in learning the art of lashing. We start with our two day foundation course that teaches the basics of lashing and doing classic lashes. After the foundation course, we offer the advanced course that delves into the world of volume lashes. Already done a classic lash course? Feel free to skip our foundation and go right into our advanced course, all that’s needed is the proof of your classic certification. Both courses are taught all over the country, so there’s bound to be one near you!

For those who want a more in depth learning experience, we have our academy at our beautiful headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. We have courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students that range from a week to two months long. The great thing about our academy is it gives students real life salon experience so once they are done they are ready to start working in a salon right away with skills that will impress any salon owner.

All of our courses have small class sizes with two educators to keep the education experience personal so each student is able to get the help they may need! With the academy being a longer course length, students are able to develop a stronger relationship with the educators and get the personalized help needed to become the best lash artist they can become.

With education being such an important part of Borboleta, we strive to give the best experience to all of our students. With the course and the kit that is included in the total price, after the course we immediately add you to our Borboleta artist directory and offer free refresher course for life! The world of beauty is constantly growing and evolving, we want to make sure our students are able to grow and learn as it changes.

In an industry with as much growth as eyelash extensions, the sky's the limit! To find out more information about our education programs, go to

Originally published Nov. 16, 2015



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