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Katherine Heigl & Borboleta

Katherine Heigl & Borboleta
Does this experience sound familiar to you?


Katherine Heigl, Emmy-winning actress, had this experience when she got eyelash extensions from Borboleta. Eyelash extensions are meant to enhance your natural beauty, which is exactly what it did for Katherine Heigl. She’s already naturally gorgeous, and the eyelashes just accentuated her beauty.


As lash artists, it’s important to assess a client’s natural attributes  when deciding what will look best. Some may want the long, fluffy, dramatic lashes, while others may want a more natural look. It’s important to take into account what the client wants, but also to use your knowledge of blueprinting and eye shape to create the best lash look for them.


As for clients, speak up if you don’t like how your lashes look! If you feel they’re too dramatic or not dramatic enough, tell your lash artist. They’re there to help you achieve your best look and ensure you leave satisfied and feeling gorgeous.



Katherine Heigl said it best,

“They make me feel beautiful and feeling beautiful has made all the difference!”




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