Lash Education: How To Choose Your Lash Training

Lash Education: How To Choose Your Lash Training

With so many options when it comes to choosing the best eyelash extension training option for you, it can be intimidating to try and pick the right one. The big question is - how do you choose which training is right for you?

Here are six tips to determine which lash training option is right for you:

Learning Style
The first thing to consider is your learning style. How do you learn? Are you a visual or hands-on learner? Would you learn better in a one-on-one private training environment or in a classroom setting with other lash artists? This can quickly help you slim down the field of lash training options.

Not sure what you’re learning style is? Take a Learning Style Quiz.


Review the Results
Whether you’re looking to become certified in classic lash extensions or volume lash extensions, the lash training course you choose should have experts in the technique you want to learn! Find lash educators on social media and check out their work.

If you love their artistry, it might be a good fit for you!


Train with the product you’re actually going to use when lashing! What would be the point of practicing with products you’re not actually going to use?

Many education courses include a training kit option with varying amounts of product that will allow you to train with the exact tools you’ll actual applying lash extensions with. Training kits typically supply you with enough product so you don’t have to worry about spending more money after you’ve taken the course.


Hands-On Training
Your chosen profession is hands-on, so your training should be too! Online training is great for learning the Theory of Lashing and other basics, but nothing can replace the hands-on aspect of a live, in-person training.

How Borboleta Approaches Lash Education


Focus on Artistry
Your training, especially your first lash training, should not only educate you on everything you need for the actual application of eyelash extensions but should also include how to produce a custom set of eyelash extensions for your client!

It’s important to understand how to identify your client’s eye shape and how to use eyelash extensions to enhance the natural beauty of your client.

At Borboleta, we believe that it’s the artistry of the individual lash artist that sets your business and your lash extension sets apart from everyone else! We believe that’s a very important part of your lash education.


Client Education - Be the Expert
Be sure your training will educate you on how to respond to clients’ common questions and concerns when it comes to lashes. It’s important for your clients to view you as their expert to all things lashes. This helps establish trust and credibility, especially as you’re building your lash clientele. You want to feel comfortable talking to your clients about expectations, maintenance, and cleansing their lashes.

PRO TIP: Client retention is everything - here are 10 ways to keep your clients coming back.

You have so many choices when it comes to lash training and education! We are excited for your lash journey wherever it takes you and wish you the very best of luck with all your lash adventures!

PRO TIP: Remember that it’s exciting to complete a lash training and receive your certificate, but that some states require a lash artist to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.


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