Lashing: Hot Humid Help!

Lashing: Hot Humid Help!

The effects humidity can have on lashing can be huge! Humidity makes lashing difficult due to changes in the adhesive. In general, adhesives seem to thrive in climates up to 65% humidity. And honestly most adhesives do much better at an even lower humidity. This can make it hard for lash artists as the adhesive is more difficult to use for various reasons. Here are a few tips that should help your lashing game in even the most humid climates.



Time of Day: This is huge. Where some of our educators live, on average is 83 % humidity in the mornings and 48% humidity in the afternoons. The sun will “burn” off some of the fog/humidity. If you have the option for scheduling lash appointments in the afternoon the adhesive will perform best.

Storage: How you store your adhesive matters! Since the adhesive polymerizes or cures in the presence of water it’s best to keep it nice and dry. Storing open adhesive in an airtight container with rice can really help protect it from moisture in the air. Make sure you change out the rice every once in awhile.

Replacing Adhesive: When is the last time you opened a new adhesive? Adhesive has an expiration date just like foods. We recommend opening a new adhesive every 4 weeks based on your climate. In more humid climates, you might have to switch it out more frequently.

PRO TIP: Write the date you open an adhesive bottle on the bottle or in your calendar so you don't forget!

Mixing: This is easier said than done, but mixing a couple of adhesives together can make the perfect consistency for you! Lashing is a unique experience based on climate, preference, clients, years of experience, etc… So customizing your adhesive works wonders.

Stay Positive: Lashing has learning curves like anything else. It can be frustrating and even discouraging at times, but staying positive will help your lash game and make you an even more skilled lash artist when you master lashing in humidity, despite its challenges.

Comment what you lash artists do in humid climates? What challenges do you face? What has worked for you. And as always, post any questions below.

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