Let's Talk About Why...

Let's Talk About Why...

 We know the reason behind what motivates everyone is unique. We believe sharing our why can unite the beauty community and provide insight to our vision to bring you and your clients products that highlight your artistry.


Borboleta Beauty Why Statement


This is what some companies may call their mission statement but to us it’s so much more. It is why we do what we do, why we strive to improve this industry and make it more meaningful so that together we can Define Beauty.

Beauty is so much more than meets the eye and we celebrate the diversity everyone has in their own individuality. Moving forward, we are so excited for this statement to continue to guide and maintain our focus on why we started, who we started this company for and our hope to help everyone recognize their beauty as well as the beauty in others.

Be you, be beautiful, and Define Beauty with Borboleta. 

We’d love to hear YOUR why behind your lash journey! Share in the comments!


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