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Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, Not Stirred
My husband loves Chex Mix.  We fight over the roasted rye chips that somehow always seem to run out before the bottom of the bag.  Although it’s pleasant when each glorious bite contains a rye chip at the top of the bag, I usually don’t even eat the last part of the bag.  Chex Mix are just better when everything is evenly distributed throughout the bag.   



Similar to this, everything is simply better at Borboleta when adhesives are shaken, not stirred.  Adhesives are made with an exact recipe to make them work just right.  As adhesives sit, some of their ingredients will separate, much like my chex mix example.  Chemicals separate due to different densities; the heavier chemicals will sit at the bottom of the bottle, while the lighter ones float to the top.    

Before lashing it’s important to shake the adhesive for two minutes to mix the chemicals and give you the perfect ratio of ingredients in each drop.  


It’s hard to evenly mix the adhesive if it’s not at room temperature.  Chemicals straight out of the freezer or fridge are more solidified and resist movement.  You can warm the adhesive for a few seconds in your hand, but it’s best to take the adhesive out of the fridge or freezer with ample time for it to reach room temperature before use.  Do NOT heat the adhesive to get it to room temperature.


It’s best practice to shake the adhesive right before use and to only dispense one drop of adhesive on your jade stone at a time.  This will help you not waste adhesive, since you can’t (shouldn’t) put the adhesive back in the bottle. It will also help the adhesive stay fresh since exposure to moisture in the air starts the curing process.  Depending on how long you are lashing, it’s a good idea to give the bottle a quick shake before each additional drop.  


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  • Are all your adhesives latex free?

    Karen on
  • Hi Ronnie,
    Thanks for checking in. Working in hot and humid climates can be rough. It’s good that you keep your adhesive with you if it’s not going to be in air-conditioned places. You can store your adhesive in the fridge if you need. Many people store unopened adhesive in the fridge. Once opened most just keep it around 69-72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you chose to put it in the fridge make sure you allow enough time for the adhesive to reach room temperature and wipe the adhesive with a cloth before lashing. This will help make sure water doesn’t get into the adhesive.

    I don’t think that taking oral pills will affect lash retention. Oils put directly on the face or skin can. It sounds like your client isn’t putting on any oil-based makeup or lotions/creams/conditioners though, so it’s hard to say. If she sweats a lot this could also make the lashes fall off quicker or if she swims in the ocean or pool a lot. People also have varying lash cycles, so she could have her lashes grow and fall out quickly. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions!


    Megan - Borby Chemist on
  • Hello again,

    Do you think that supplements that contain coconut oils or vitamin E or fish oils have an effect on lash retention? I have a client whose lashes at 2 wks are nearly gone and she takes a hair, skin and nail vitamin that contains those ingredients(minus the fish oil).

    She’s active but washes her lashes about 3x’s a wk, doesn’t wear makeup and avoids skin products on her face

    Ronnie on
  • I read that room temp should be 69-72 to store adhesive. But what if it’s higher than that? I live in Hawaii where it can get to be upwards of 90’s without the ac on. I bring my bottles home with me because the salon gets pretty warm on days off. Should I get a tiny fridge and store in there? I know it sounds crazy but I tend to take my adhesives where ever I go because most places I will be going to will have ac, i.e., my car, grocery store, etc..

    Ronnie on
  • Hi Suely,

    I don’t know Portuguese, so I used Google translate, I hope you can understand what I am saying, and I hope I am answering your question correctly. Borboleta has 4 different adhesives. You can read about them on our website, but I will give you a brief overview as well.

    Maximum – Best for sensitive eyes, but doesn’t work well for volume.

    Ultimate – great flexibility.

    Volume – best for volume and classic lashing.

    No. 5. – excellent retention. This is our strongest adhesive.

    You can read more on our website here:

    If you click on each adhesive it will give you information about it on the bottom.

    I hope that helps. I think you also asked about if our adhesives have cyanoacrylate and hydroquinone in them. All of our adhesives have cyanoacrylate in them. This is what makes the adhesive work! All lash adhesives have cyanoacrylate in them. Our Maximum adhesive is our only adhesive without hydroquinone. The rest have hydroquinone in them.


    Megan - Borby Chemist on


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