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Lipstick & Layovers

Lipstick & Layovers

Looking flawless while traveling around the world? A feat that seems impossible for most, except Kimber Jaynes. She shared with us how she stays glam on the go and her go-to travel faves that keep her feeling and looking gorgeous from London to Saigon.

My suitcase is always packed with the travel beauty straightener, curling iron, skin care, makeup and workout clothes. As far as bags, I actually just had to buy new suitcases since I wore out my old ones. For 2-3 night trips I just use a Tumi carry-on but for longer trips or when I have multiple wardrobe requirements I use a large DVF white suitcase because it’s easy to spot!



The apps I use the most while traveling are  My Fitness Pal especially when I’m traveling! Eating on the road is always so challenging and this app really helps me stay in line with my fitness goals. It helps me keep track of the calories I've taken in during the day and also helps me track the calories I've burned through exercise. I also use the Delta app since I usually fly with them. It allows me to keep track of my flight, boarding time, and bags. And I can’t forget Instagram! I love documenting my travels on my story.

I always bring my Borboleta cleanser and cleansing brushes of course, and my reusable eyelash wand to keep my lashes looking fresh. My other must-have beauty products while traveling are the Bobbi Brown eye cream and Dior lip plumping gloss. They’re both very hydrating during those long, dry flights.

My other must-haves for traveling are my laptop, protein bars (my go-to is Kind Plus Almond, Walnut, Macadamia + protein) and Dry Bar dry shampoo so I can freshen up as soon as I land!



My best advice for combating jet lag is keeping it low key when I get to my destination so I can get a good night’s sleep and start fresh the next day. I always make sure to drink a lot of water and do a stretch routine or yoga. Working out on trips can be hard but I try to make it a priority and work out as much as possible. I also relax by taking a hot bath before bed. Lastly, I set two alarms so I don't toss and turn worrying about if I will get up on time.

My go-to travel look for the plane and travel days is my Diesel leather jacket. I can dress it up with dark skinny jeans and heels for a short flight, or dress it down for flights longer than 3 hours with a tank top and yoga pants or joggers (my latest obsession are these ones from Athleta)

In my recent travels I fell in love with Europe - the food, architecture, and the lifestyle were all incredible. In Vietnam I fell in love with the people. I have never met more kind, humble, and happy people in my life. I just loved the simplicity of their lifestyle.



We’re now going to continue to drool over all the glamorous pictures Kim took on her trips. To see more of what she’s been up to recently follow her on Instagram, @kimberjaynes. If you have any travel beauty tips or tricks for staying glam on the go let us know in the comments!


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