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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

In the world of lash extensions your tools and products can make or break your career.

I'm lucky to use the best of the best; Borboleta lash extension tools! Whether it's the outstanding selection of extensions or the choice of game-changing adhesives or the state of the art Tweezers. I LOVE the straight black for isolating the curved, arched and volume are awesome for making fans by pinching, lonely fan or whatever your favorite technique is. 
These tweezers will separate or grab that perfect fan with ease. I'm totally hooked!! 


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  • Chrisanda….I have the same problem, what did you finally do for it? I just had mine done today 10/12. Thanks

    Linda Black on
  • had eyelashes extension on Saturday 06/15/19 ..but one eye keeps watering ..that eye is red and always waters. but there is no pain or swelling. how can I get rid of the watery and red eyes.

    chrisandra on

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