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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Dear Borby’s,

Things are exciting as ever at Borboleta and also busier than ever! I have been working hard to get new products out. Keep your eyes peeled for rainbow lash trays coming soon, as well as bottom lashes in lengths 5mm and 6mm. It’s my goal to make Borboleta a one-stop shop by providing everything a lash artist needs at the best quality. Let us do the heavy lifting; your job is hard enough! Something that has been on my mind lately as I have worked on providing our customers with convenience is how important it is to care for our bodies so we can keep up with our career.

I recently sat down with one of our brand ambassadors, Bri McCarver, @asiakaybeauty, and she shared with me how she has been taking extra time every day to care for her physical self so she can be the best lash artist. Bri takes on average five clients a day and feels it’s just as important to care for you clients as it to care for your body. Bri has invested a lot of time into researching the best stretches to do to strengthen her wrists, back, and core. One stretch, in particular, she recommended was called ‘Shoulder wall stretch” It takes less than a minute and can be done in between clients.

I feel that a healthy work life balance is the goal. When I was lashing full time, I made it a top priority to workout at least one hour a day. Today, my job is a little less lashing but more travel and being in an office. What gives me the most clarity, and what I have found to be the best stress reliever is yoga. It’s something I look forward to every day. My best advice to all lash artists find a workout that you enjoy and make time in your schedule to do it every day. It is not only good for you physically, but it will help you continue to lash and be healthy.


Kimber Jaynes

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