Yoga and Borby to Stay Flexible

Yoga and Borby to Stay Flexible

Just like flexibility is an important part of fitness, flexibility is a vital part of lash extensions.  Nobody wants to feel like they have bricks hanging off their eyelids. It’s important to perfect your technique to achieve flexibility, something taught in our lash classes; but technique alone is not enough.  The proper adhesive or blend of adhesives is absolutely key to achieve the perfect lash application.  

Clients want natural movement and flexibility in their lashes to achieve a sort of effortless look.  Our adhesives contain a little ingredient called poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA for short.  PMMA provides elasticity to the adhesive.  Lash adhesives need to have just the right amount of PMMA, so lashes maintain great retention while holding natural flexibility.  

Lash artists can probably tell which adhesives contain more PMMA than others just based on how flexible the lashes are.  While all of our lashes have great flexibility, the Ultimate Adhesive is known for its flexibility.  As always though, lashing is an art and each experience is so unique.  Lash artists can find what works best for them and their clients, which many times means mixing two adhesives together for a new combination. 

How do ya’ll achieve maximum flexibility on your clients?  



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