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Education Courses

LASH 101

Lash 101: Kickstart with Classic

Brand new to the industry? Our Classic course gives you a deep dive into fundamental principles and techniques to get your lash career started.

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LASH 201

Lash 201: Turn Up the Volume

Ready to step up your lash game? Our Volume course teaches the most sought out lash technique in the industry to take your artistry to the next level.

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Lash 301

Lash 301: Double Major in Classic & Volume

Double the learning, double the fun! Save time and money by studying Classic and Volume in one comprehensive course. Get a head start in the lash industry!

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Lash 401

Lash 401: To the Max with Mega Volume

Looking to blow your client’s mind? This extensive course will take your volume sets to the max with Mega techniques–the hottest trend in lashes!

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