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Education Courses

LASH 101

Lash 101: Kickstart with Classic

Brand new to the industry? Our Classic course gives you a deep dive into fundamental principles and techniques to get your lash career started.

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LASH 201

Lash 201: Turn Up the Volume

Amp up your artistry with volume lashing! Master multiple fanning methods and business strategies to take your lashing to the next level.

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Lash 301

Lash 301: Double Major in Classic & Volume

Save time and money—learn classic and volume in one comprehensive course! From single lash application to hand-made fans, get a head start in the lash industry!

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Lash 401

Lash 401: To the Max with Mega Volume

Learn advanced lash styling techniques, fanning with thinner diameters and takeaway Borboleta’s 11 Exclusive Eye-dentity Blueprints!

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