Eyelash Extensions

Multi-Length Classic Trays

Multi Classic Lash Trays
multi-length classic eyelash extensions
Multi Classic Lash Extension Strips
Curls of Multi Classic Lashes
Eyelash Extensions
Multi-Length Classic Trays

Borboleta Beauty's Multi-Length Eyelash Extension Trays include sixteen strips of the highest quality eyelash extensions ranging in length from 7mm - 15mm and 9mm-12mm.

Multi-Length Trays of lash extensions are available in both Classic and Volume diameters and the following curls:

  • J Curl
  • B Curl
  • C Curl
  • CC Curl
  • D Curl
  • L+ Curl

Multi-Length trays include, one strip of 7mm, one strip of 8mm, two strips of 9mm, three strips of 10mm, three strips of 11mm, three strips of 12mm and one strip of 13mm, 14mm and 15mm eyelash extensions.