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Located in the Salt Lake City, The Academy provides an education experience designed with the sole purpose of creating salon-ready artists. Students are able to refine and perfect their artistry through a six day hands-on mentorship with the leading educators and artists in the industry. This is the Academy Difference.

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While training programs are great for teaching you the skills and basics of lashing, they don't give you the appropriate time to develop and perfect your craft. The Borboleta Lash Academy was designed to change that; giving you the proper time and hands-on experience to explore and master the in's and out's of lash artistry with a lash mentor by your side.

Located in the Salt Lake City, students will learn and practice in a state-of-the-art training facility where hands-on mentorship drives the curriculum of each day. This approach allows you to develop a wide variety of skill sets that will not only raise the bar of quality and professionalism within the industry, but also provides you with the necessary experience to offer your clients a more advanced, customized level of service.

Upon completion and certification, you will join an elite group of lash artists in the Borboleta Network where your skills and experience are highly sought after by an extensive network of salon owners across the country.

We have created a mentorship program to foster a learning experience with real world application that builds confidence and success.

It's All About Our


Academy Accelerated Artistry

Get ahead in the lash game—with a dual certification in Volume and Classic. Built for artists, by artists, our Academy Accelerated Artistry Course utilizes online learning modules and six days of hands-on mentorship (60 hours). Borboleta's approach to a well-rounded education focuses on theory, hands-on practice and mentorship by an exclusive Borboleta Educators.


  • Volume Lashing
  • Four Fanning Techniques
  • Classic Lashing
  • Eye Shaping
  • Borboleta Blueprints
  • Pro-Made Fans
  • Lash Theory
  • Product Info
  • How To Build A Clientele
  • Social Media

The Proof Is In

Before & Afters

Picture your lash career after the Academy Accelerated Artistry Course. Here’s what some of our past graduates work looked like before and after the Academy.

The True Essence Of Beauty


Borboleta was founded on the belief that everyone has an intrinsic beauty that comes from just being different - unique - you.

Diversity - the true essence of beauty.

At Borboleta, we strive to highlight diversity by celebrating and supporting exceptional lash artistry. We provide the world's premier lash extension products and lash education to build a new generation of artists with an unmatched level of professionalism, skill and quality.

It’s our goal and in fact at our very core to inspire artistry through education and celebrate diversity through love and acceptance, so that we define beauty together and awaken the self-realization in each of us that being you is beautiful!

Finance Your Education

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