The Backstory:

Lash Bath

When up-and-coming artist Kim Jaynes couldn’t find the products she wanted, she founded Borboleta Beauty. After Brooke Dearth joined the team as head of product development, they started from scratch to dream up products specifically for lash artists and their clients.


that feels like


Lash Bath, Only Better

Come Clean

What if you could cleanse your lashes and care for your skin at the same time? Now you can—with our revamped Lash Bath lineup. To make these cult-favorite cleansers even better, we added targeted ingredients to cleanse and nourish lashes while caring for the skin around the eyes. Moisture-binding, small-particle hyaluronic acid (derived from silver mushroom) hydrates lids. Amino acids strengthen and condition lashes while helping to promote younger-looking skin. And you get all the same ingredients and benefits in two textures. You’ll never look at lash cleansing the same way again.

Lash Bath

Gel Cleanser

When we asked artists to test this gel formula, they were instantly hooked! The rich, almost balmy lather cleanses lashes thoroughly and leaves skin feeling super hydrated.

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Lash Bath

Foam Cleanser

Our founder Kim’s favorite cleanser! The light, whipped foam formula provides a deep cleanse, yet won’t dry out the delicate skin around the eyes.

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Directions for Use

Dispense a dime sized amount of Lash Bath into palm of hand. Wet Borboleta Clean Swoop Brush and swirl to create a lather. Apply to lids and gently brush through lashes in a swoop motion over the top and underneath lashes. To finish, use Clean Swoop to rinse lids and lashes with water. Pat dry.

New and Improved
  • All new enriched formula and packaging design
  • Lash Bath Gel features mess free flip-top cap
  • Soft hydrated afterfeel
  • Gentle cleansing agents are easy on eyes
Key Ingredients

Small Particle Hyaluronic Acid

  • Derived from silver mushroom, pulls and binds moisture deeply into skin
  • Suppresses peroxidation of the cellular lipids to prevent aging

Amino Acid Based Cleanser

  • Strengthens natural lash
  • Conditions, soothes and balances PH

A clean slate

For your lashes

A rich, concentrated gel to gently cleanse and nourish lashes daily while hydrating the skin around the eye. Great pre- and post-application too!

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