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The eyelash extension trend has EXPLODED, making it the fastest growing and most profitable market in the beauty industry. Finally beautiful eyelashes aren't just adorned by red carpet stars - they graze the cheeks of everyday women, thanks to salons and artists like yourself!

Besides being the newest, hottest accessory around - the demand for eyelash extensions is on fire and women are willing to pay big cash for luscious, mascara-free lashes.

If you've heard it before, we're going to tell you again: your business needs eyelash services, and Borboleta wants to help! We've bottled the secret for eyelash success and we're here to share it with YOU.

Why choose Borboleta? We're perfectionists who have worked to find the best eyelash techniques and products available. At Borboleta, we love what we do and discovered a unique application method that is quickly gaining popularity and recognition in the lash industry -- we want you to bring it's success back to your salon and customers!

Here's what the buzz is all about:

A FULL training workshop is 2 days of hands on training with the most in depth theory this industry has to offer.  Each course comes with exclusive Borboleta training manuals that have everything you’ll ever need to know about lashing beginning with the history of lash extensions to the anatomy of the eye, to shaping and styling guides down to the science behind adhesives, product knowledge, pesky allergies and so much more.  

Every student will receive a LARGE KIT which includes enough lash essentials to do up to 100 clients after completing the course.  Click here to see what’s included in the kit. We give you a taste of almost every product on our website so you don’t have to add more to your already purchased kit.  2 different types of adhesives are included so you can try them out, mix and match and create your own perfect solution.  See what you like best!

Full Borboleta workshops include an unlimited supply of refresher courses at your beck and call.  If you’ve trained with Borby, come back and train some more and continue your education and keep up with the ever changing lash times.   As new manuals are launched, you’ll be receiving the most updated copy.  

Borboleta is known for “the Borby difference”.   As well as having the most precise training program in the industry, quoted by top magazines and beauty bloggers across the country, we’re known for having the most exceptional products an eyelash extension company could possibly have!

Trainings are done in spacious hotel conference rooms set up like classrooms, so you feel like you can work in a clean, professional environment and soak up all the education possible with no distractions.  

There’s a reason why Borboleta certified artists are standing out in the industry.  It’s all about the education!  Leave feeling confident, uplifted and united in the industry.  Don’t miss out.

About Classic Trainings

Our Classic Course is the first course you must take if you have never applied lashes before, or have never taken a lash course. In this course you will be learning all the basics. This is not a “basic” class by any means. This is a hearty course filled with everything you need to know to get started and have a successful lashing career. When applying a classic or basic set of eyelash extensions, you are learning to safely apply one single extension to one single natural lash.

Proper education is important when learning how to apply lashes. You can definitely notice the difference between someone who invests in their education, and practices their hearts out, verses someone who does not.

What we'll cover in Classic

The history of eyelash extensions

The anatomy of the eye

When we blink

Common eye infections

Safety and sanitation

Types of eyelash extensions

Lengths, Curls, Diameters

Properly adhering and placing lashes

Correcting lashes

Understanding eye shapes and styling

Client Consultation

What to charge for your services

Building a client release form


Hair Growth Cycle

Do’s and Don’ts of taping

Allergy Awareness

All things Adhesives

Product knowledge

Nano Mister



Eyelash Fills


Marketing and Building your business

About Volume Trainings

Volume is our advanced education course. This is for experienced lash artists only who feel confident and comfortable in their basic classic lashing skills and can successfully apply lash extensions.

With the Volume technique you can actually apply MORE lashes, using LESS weight. This allows you to create fuller more lush lashes. Especially for those who do not have many natural lashes. Volume lashing is indeed a technique, it is not a type of lash. You are using certain diameters for the volume technique. But it's all about how you apply them. With volume, you are still isolating perfectly one natural lash, but instead of applying one single classic lash, you apply a hand made “fan” of thinner diameter lashes that are hand-crafted to customize the perfect weight for every single natural lash.

As well as using less weight, and being able to customize the lengths, and how much weight goes on to each lash, this technique also allows you to use less glue. Sounds odd right? More lashes, less glue? But with the technique, you are taught to wrap the adhesive around the natural lash. All the extensions support each other and using less adhesive means less allergies, less irritations. This service takes about 30 minutes longer than classic lashing, easily cut in half when you become a pro. You are able to charge more for this service. Clients can go longer in between fills, the extensions are lighter on the natural lashes making long-term wear even more plausible. Salons and spas introducing this service are increasing revenue like you wouldn’t believe and clients are more happy than ever because they have SOFT, full lashes that look and feel more natural.

What we'll cover in Volume

Intro to Volume lashing

What is the Russian volume technique

Classic, clusters and volume compared

Stacking and capping

True Russian volume

The inventors

Do’s and don’ts of volume

Why it works

Glue usage

Creating fans

New techniques

Different eye shapes

Lash styling


Proper Taping


Volume Fills

Volume removals


To learn more about how to become Borboleta Beauty certified and train with the top eyelash educators in the industry OR implement the program into your school, please contact us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm at 801-735-2439, or email anytime





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