Borby Brand Ambassador

The Borboleta Brand Ambassador Program was created to spread brand awareness, create buzz and help grow our community by joining forces with our most passionate and loyal brand advocates. We believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful and different in their own way. At Borboleta celebrating and embracing diversity and great artistry is what sets us apart in the industry that’s why we love what we do.


What will you be doing as a Borboleta Brand Ambassador?

Create buzz for a new product launch or regional training classes.

Borboleta will send you product to test/wear/experience and you will write about the product on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc). As a Borboleta Beauty Brand Ambassador, you will also be given a personal referral link that can be shared on social networks as well as direct messaged or emailed to individuals to help fill our regional training classes.


Be an influential member of the lash artist community and share the love!  

Answer brand, training, and product questions on social networks or via direct messaging. We want to help grow the lash community as well as be a positive influence by sharing our knowledge of the industry and by being thought leaders.


Give ideas and feedback on new products and training material.

Nobody knows the lash world better than you! Borboleta will send you products and training material that are being tested and ask for honest feedback before launching them.


Represent Borboleta on all Social Networks.

Nothing helps promote growth and community quite like social media! You’ll be representing Borboleta and what we stand for on all Social Networks by tagging the brand and using key hashtags in all your pictures and posts. We may ask you to be a featured guest on our Social Networks! This could include taking over the Borboleta SnapChat for the day or writing blog posts.



What will you receive for being a Borboleta Brand Ambassador?

Exclusive Borboleta Brand Ambassador discount.

As a Borboleta Brand Ambassador, you’ll receive an exclusive discount.



You’ll be given a personal referral link to send out to lash artists as well as post on Social Networks. 


The chance to become a future Borboleta Educator!
There is no one more loyal to Borboleta than our Brand Ambassadors, so who better to become a future educator than you!? Our training program is making a shift and we are looking to find co-educators in the very cities we’re training in. If you want to become a Borboleta educator there is no better place to start than as a Brand Ambassador!

Recognition and Promotion.
Borboleta is dedicated to helping you and your business shine and grow! As a Borboleta Beauty Brand Ambassador, you will often be featured on our Social Networks as well as listed on our website and lash artist directory.


Brand Ambassador Rules of Engagement and Requirements:

Agreeing to be a Brand Ambassador means you agree with and will always adhere to the following guidelines:
*No promotion of any other eyelash extension company, their products, or their training material, including posting pictures/video and content on any Social Networks or otherwise.
*No speaking negatively about Borboleta or any other eyelash extension company, their products, or training, or any individual lash artists on any Social Networks.

It also means you agree to:
+ Post once a week on your Social Networks about anything Borboleta! This can be about an upcoming training, favorite product, new product launch, company news or anything to increase brand awareness.
+ Always use #borboletabeauty in all of your Social Network posts when referencing anything to do with eyelash extensions.
+ Regularly sending out your personal referral link in an effort to fill regional training classes. This can be through email, direct message, or posting the link on your Social Networks.
+ Being active on social media by promoting the brand, answering questions that pertain to the brand and striving to grow the community as well as be a positive influence in it.
+ Give honest and timely feedback on the products you were asked to sample. 
    Failure to follow the rules and guidelines of the Borboleta Brand Ambassador program will result in an immediate loss of discount and privileges as well as being asked to step down from your role as Brand Ambassador in order to make room for someone who is committed to helping grow and promote the brand.
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