Free Refreshers & Continued Education


Once certified through Borboleta, you’re invited and encouraged to come back to any future training course for free! Our continued education program is designed to help all our certified artists maintain and grow confidence in their careers. Elevate your lash game to new heights by perfecting your craft and staying up-to-date with current lash trends, techniques, products, and artistry.





Borboleta Certified Artists Only. You must have attended and graduated one of our full, two-day regional courses taught by a certified Borboleta educator to enroll.

If you have completed our Foundation/Classic course, you can enroll in our Foundation/Classic Refresher.

If you have completed our Advanced/Volume course
, you can enroll in our Advanced/Volume Refresher.


    At Borboleta, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our education program and provide the most value to our students and artists. We have implemented some major improvements for 2017 and are excited for our certified artists to come back and refresh with us. To maintain small class sizes, each course will have a limited number of reserved seats for refresher students. Since spots are limited, make sure and sign up through our website to reserve your seat today! As a free refresher, you are welcome to attend the full two-day course and soak it all in.


    To accommodate various preferences for continued education, we are providing the following options for refresher students:

    Free Attendance: Attend the first day or the full two-days as a student for free. Ask questions, take notes, and soak it all in.

    $50 Updated 2017 Manual: Want to get your hands on our new manual? For $50 you will receive a copy of our most up-to-date manual at the course.

    $100 Hands-On Kit: Take a model on day two and participate in the various hands-on demos during the course. Get feedback on your work and personal attention from our industry leading educators. Hands-On Refreshers are required to provide a model on day two and purchase a model kit for $100 that includes everything you will need for your live model and other hands-on training exercises.

    $150 Updated 2017 Manual/Hands-On Kit: Get fully immersed and updated in the current curriculum and hands-on training.




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