Founder of Borboleta Beauty

I started lashing in 2008 and by 2013 the Borboleta brand was born. I wanted it to be something unique and distinctive. The lash industry was in its infancy and as I began researching different products I found little to no information out there. What I found was not inspiring, had no artistic or creative flair, and had little or no branding. As a person who has a love for pretty packages and an eye for beauty, I wanted to create a beauty brand and lash line that would stand out and become a lifestyle of celebrating beauty and being uniquely beautiful. Borboleta means butterfly in Portuguese, and like a butterfly we believe beauty comes in all different forms - each of us unique, but equally beautiful.

After years of research and development, I finally had an amazing product line that I was ready to take to the market. Borboleta brought the softest, most natural feeling lash extensions to market along with the most flexible and cleanest adhesives that actually work.

With a product line now in full production, all Borboleta was lacking was an educator in the industry that had the same passion for quality as myself. It was meant to be the day Erin Taylor and I sat down and talked about the lash industry. We both shared the same passion and desire to elevate the industry and show others how quality eyelash extensions done by a well-trained and educated artist can be life changing. In just this short time we have trained and retrained thousands, interviewed with top beauty magazines and grown our training program to several full-time educators from various parts of the world that train in cities all over the world. Our products have expanded and we have grown our team from the two of us to now a full staff that continues to grow..

The beautiful thing about Borboleta is that we're not just about eyelash extensions, we're about all things beauty, and living a uniquely beautiful lifestyle. Come define your own beauty ... with us.





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