Nothing Beats the O.G.



The lash artists’ go-to just got a major upgrade. Crazy soft. Blacker than black. Effortless fans. Curls that hold.

Our new lash line is everything you loved about the O.G., but better! We upgraded the fiber of our award-winning lashes to ensure consistent, high-quality results with every length, diameter, curl and tray—all day, every day!

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Lush. DENSE. Crazy SOFT. Sound Familiar?Wait, it gets even better.

Get intensely black, ultra-soft curls that won’t quit in the perfect satin-matte finish.

You’ve never fanned like this! Our new lashes make it easier than ever.

A luxe addition to your lineup, the sleek, easy-open tray is fit for display.

Forget what you thought you already knew, this is the OG lash you’re always going to use.

- Kimber Jaynes

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