We're proud of the work we've done and are blushing with the overwhelming praise we've received from our course graduates. Take a look at some of our most valued customer and student testimonials:

One of the best classes I’ve ever been to. This was my 4th course and it was the best one so far.
Julie- San Fransisco

Can I just say you are legitimately THE best eyelash stylist in the country and possibly the world. I can only hope to be half as good as you.
Sadey - Salt Lake

I am so so so grateful I took the class from you and was trained properly. I already have girls asking me about volume lashes. So I want to take THAT class in a few months. Thanks again.
Amalie- West Jordan

Thank you for an amazing class. I learned so much and I am extremely excited to put what I learned into use. You have put all the motivation in the world into my new exciting career.
Tasha- Honolulu

You guys are so dang professional and classy looking in what you’re creating with Borboleta. Honestly, this was the greatest class I’ve taken and the most professional by far.
Breeann- Kaysville

I’ve been shopping around for a lash training for a while and decided to go with Borboleta because of my email interactions with Erin, and Kim’s Facebook message. I’ll be referring other lash artists to Borboleta.
Nicole- Seattle

Erin is so knowledgeable in this industry. We need more trainers like her.
Samantha- Dallas

Erin is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She knows so much about both volume and classic eyelashing. She is able to answer all of my questions with facts.
Lucy- Las Vegas

My class was wonderful. Erin is talented and well educated. I felt very prepared as I left. I think the information given and the product is amazing. I share it with anybody who will listen.
Tika- Orem

When I took the volume course I think it was great having a refresher over classic and the history of lashes and then moving onto volume. Very knowledgeable. Amazing class.
Mosley- Provo

Taking the eyelash course with Borboleta Beauty was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I really loved how thorough Erin was with teaching us and how she'd hop in and give us personal critiques. It really helped me focus on the things I needed to work on.
Debra- Provo



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