Borboleta's Foundation Course (previously called "Classic Course") is two days of hands-on training with the most talented instructors/artists and in-depth education the industry has to offer. Each course comes with an exclusive Borboleta training manual that has everything you’ll need to develop a strong foundation in the Art of Lashing and kickstart your career as a Borboleta lash artist.

Foundation students will learn and be certified in Borboleta's Classic lashing technique including all of our tips and tricks... but it doesn't stop there. Go beyond the technique with Borboleta and become a professional artist by learning other important fundamentals in artistry, theory, practice and professionalism. From the history of lash extensions to the anatomy of the eye, to basic shaping and styling guides down to the science behind adhesives, product knowledge, pesky allergies and more... this course will give you the foundation of knowledge and experience required to be confident and inspired in the Art of Lashing. 


Anyone enrolling in a Borboleta Beauty course is required to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. Current esthetic or cosmetology students training to become a licensed professional can also enroll, but these students must complete their professional certification before practicing and offering eyelash extensions as a service to the public. 

All enrolled students are solely responsible and required to arrange one live model (client, friend, relative, any person age 18 years or older) to participate in the hands-on application training on day two of the course under the direct supervision of an instructor. We strongly recommend that you have at least one backup model as you will not graduate and receive a certificate if this requirement is not met.

Full payment of the course is due at least seven days before the course date. If the full payment is not received seven days prior to the course date the student will forfeit their seat and need to re-schedule for another course on a later date.
Classes are non-refundable but can be transferred once to another course on a later date.

All courses are conducted in spacious hotel conference rooms set up like classrooms, so you feel like you can work in a clean, professional environment and soak up all the education possible with no distractions. You will be practicing on a live model that you are responsible for arranging on day two of the course. An email will be sent to you with a detailed schedule two to three weeks prior to your course dates. Please email with any questions.

Exchanges +
Training courses are non-refundable but can be transferred once to another course on a later date. Please contact us at or 1-888-850-8963 with any questions or to start your transfer process.